Recognition from Illinois Judges' Assocationa


Associate Judge John O’Gara received a recommendation from the Illinois Judges Association today in a ceremony at the St. Clair County Court House. Judge O’Gara was recognized for “excellent outreach to the community in service of instilling respect for the rule of law and promoting public trust and confidence in the courts. “

The I.J.A. further commended Judge O’Gara and eight other judges of the 20 th Judicial Circuit for their “active and energetic outreach to the community and improving the quality of justice throughout the State of Illinois.”

Nine judges in the 20 th Judicial Circuit, which comprises St. Clair, Monroe, Randolph, Perry and Washington counties, have participated in a number of school outreach programs designed by the Illinois Judges Association. The I.J.A. programs the judges presented throughout the Circuit include “Worries of the World Wide Web”, “7 Reasons to Leave the Party” and “Reading Program-Abe Lincoln’s Hat”.

Judge O’Gara noted, “we have been pleased to appear in dozens of schools throughout the region, and reach thousands of students. Our goal is to reach at least one student each time we present. The judges have been thrilled to go, and have gained so much insight from this opportunity to share their experiences.”

The Illinois Judges Association is a membership organization of 1,250 active and retired judges whose purpose is to foster public confidence in the independence of the judiciary, provide services and education to its members, and information about court operations to the public.

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